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Contract Draft and Review Services in Farmington Hills, MI

A contract you sign with another party should clearly state the conditions of the agreement. Inadequate contracts, whether unintentionally drafted incorrectly or purposefully crafted to unfairly benefit one party, can lead to hostile legal disputes. Ensure your contract is legally sound and representative of your requirements with the Law Office of Blake P. Lipman.

Don't Get Trapped in
an Unfavorable Contract

Commercial lease agreements – As a landlord or tenant of a commercial property, it is important to convey all conditions of the lease agreement in your rental contract. Call the Law Office of Blake P. Lipman for commercial lease agreements in the Farmington Hills, MI, area for commercial properties including:

• Office spaces

• Retail space

• Restaurants

• Industrial facilities

• Other non-residential properties

Residential lease agreements – Specify the length of your lease agreement, payment and deposit terms, restrictions regarding smoking and pets, options to renew and other necessary conditions with a residential lease agreement. Such contracts are ideal when renting a residential property in the Farmington Hills, MI, area such as a(n):

• House

• Apartment, condominium or duplex

• Single room

• Mobile home

• Basement suite

• Rent-to-own property

Business agreements – Solidify business transactions with a sound contract drafted or reviewed by the Law Office of Blake P. Lipman. An effective business contract for business transactions in the Farmington Hills, MI, area will:

• Put the conditions of the agreement in writing

• Identify each party

• Accurately specify rights and requirements of each party

• Stipulate payment conditions

• State circumstances that terminate the contract

For landlord/tenant agreements and business agreements in Farmington Hills, MI, and surrounding communities in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, Washtenaw, and Monroe counties, call the Law Office of Blake P. Lipman.