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Family Law Attorney in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Family is one of (if not the most) important things in the world. With nearly three decades of experience practicing family law, Attorney Blake P. Lipman understands that family law matters are often emotionally charged and fraught with tension and complexity for all parties involved, including children.  

Whether you are planning to file for divorce, are currently going through one, or need help resolving other family law issues, Law Office of Blake P. Lipman can help. As a family law attorney in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Blake P. Lipman provides a very high level of personalized attention and strives to accomplish his clients’ goals so they can focus on moving forward with their lives. The law firm also serves the Detroit Metropolitan Area and the Tri-County Area of Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne. 

Is a Family Issue Weighing on You?

Family Law in Michigan

Every family comes with its own unique dynamics. For this reason, Attorney Blake P. Lipman takes the time to understand each client’s individual circumstances in order to develop a personalized strategy tailored to their unique needs and goals. The attorney is committed to providing experienced, competent, and strategic counsel while also maintaining compassion and empathy.  

Attorney Blake P. Lipman provides dedicated representation in the following areas of family law:  

  • Divorce. There are times when a marriage falls apart and divorce becomes the best option for one or both spouses. Divorce can be contested and uncontested. Often, divorcing couples can work together to reach a solution without court intervention. However, in some divorces, litigation may be the only way to find a solution. When the parties are willing to resolve their family law matters amicably, they can opt for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation where the parties put the decisions in their own hands, resulting in a more favorable and predictable outcome than a trial.  

  • Child custody. Disputes related to child custody and visitation arrangements can be the most contentious when ending a marriage. For this reason, Attorney Blake P. Lipman always approaches all matters related to children with empathy and sensitivity. His personalized approach, combined with his immense knowledge of the law, can help resolve a custody-related dispute as amicably and effectively as possible.  

  • Child support. The purpose of child support is to ensure that both parents financially support their children as if they still live under one roof. The firm represents both sides of child support disputes to ensure that you receive or pay a fair amount of support required for your child to be raised in a thriving and happy environment.  

  • Alimony/spousal support. Alimony, which is legally known as spousal support in Michigan, is used to bridge the financial gap between divorcing spouses after their marriage ends. Whether you are seeking alimony or being asked to pay it, Attorney Lipman is prepared to represent your interests and pursue the arrangement that works for you.  

  • Asset division. Michigan is an “equitable distribution” state when it comes to dividing marital property and debts among divorcing couples. Asset division is usually one of the most challenging and combative aspects of divorce, which is you may need a skilled family law attorney in Farmington Hills, Michigan, to fight for your interests. Attorney Lipman can help you negotiate and advocate for the division most beneficial to you and identify all assets and debts subject to division, which is especially important when high-value assets are involved.  

The Law Office of Blake P. Lipman works relentlessly to produce positive outcomes for every client he represents. He provides skilled guidance through every step of the process to ensure that clients can make informed decisions about their cases.  

Benefits of Working With a Family Law Attorney 

When a marriage ends, people often have to make some of the toughest and life-altering decisions. For this reason, you might want to have an experienced attorney by your side to ensure that you have the support you need to make the right decisions for your future. Some of the ways a family law attorney can help include: 

  1. Provide legal advice. Family law can be incredibly complex. Without an attorney, you may not fully understand your rights and options when resolving various family law matters, such as child custody and asset division.  

  1. Keep your emotions in check. Family law matters can be stressful and emotionally draining. Your attorney can take the emotional load off your chest to ensure that you make rational decisions in your case.  

  1. Help you negotiate. Unless you want your case to go to trial, where you do not have much control over the outcome, you will need to negotiate with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse one way or another. Your attorney will assist you in negotiating an agreement with your spouse on all relevant issues.  

  1. Avoid legal pitfalls. With sound advice from an experienced attorney, you can avoid legal pitfalls when negotiating and signing a marital settlement agreement. Your attorney’s job is to make sure that everything is done correctly and in compliance with the law.  

Attorney Blake P. Lipman takes pride in his commitment to providing personalized legal services and helping clients with their concerns. With legal counsel, you can achieve your goals and ensure a bright future for you and your family.  

Family Law Attorney in Farmington Hills, Michigan

If you need assistance with family law matters, Attorney Blake P. Lipman will serve as your advocate and fight for the results you need and deserve. The family law attorney in Farmington Hills, Michigan, has nearly 30 years of experience resolving delicate family law matters with utmost care and unparalleled attention to detail. Reach out today to get the legal help you need during this difficult and stressful time.