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I have used services for Blake both for the company and myself. He is a good attorney who does a wonderful job and gives the right advice. I would definitely utilize his services again.




Blake Lipman is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney that you can rely on to act on your behalf in an effective and consistent manner. I recommend consulting him for both family law and property matters.



Blake is a very caring attorney, he treats every client with great care and honesty.



Trustworthy, Responsive, and Knowledgeable.

Contracts Agreement

He has been excellent in guiding us on the corporate legal front. Did a great job in collecting payments from bad accounts & preparing client, contractor and Employee Service Agreements. High accessibility with short notice (a couple of hours). I recommend Blake Lipman for all contracts/ agreements matters.


  • I recommend Blake Lipman

  • I Hire Blake more than 3 years ago.

  • Blake handled my speeding/traffic ticket matter

  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers

Speeding Ticket

Blake Has been quite helpful to me for routine legal services from plea bargaining a traffic infraction to persuading a former business partner to stop illegally using my address for his business. I have known him for almost 20 years as a friend.


Blake Lipman is by far the best lawyer that I have met. He is excellent at communicating with his clients. He takes time to listen, I didn't feel rushed. He is intelligent, experienced and understands the legal system. Blake is very honest and truly caring towards people. I truly felt protected when Blake has represented me.

His rates are competitive and he is genuinely looking out for a client's best interest. I would highly recommend him.


Blake is extremely professional and efficient. He agreed to take on our case in the midst of a lot of chaos, and his knowledge & demeanor helped ease my worries immensely. Blake went to work against away by making contact with the bank & the law firm that was working with the bank and he was able to negotiate a very fair outcome. As stated above, Blake's kindness also shone through in every interaction I had with him.

One of the majorly impressive things about Blake is his transparency with his clients and his full honesty. He will not sugar coat things, and he will not tell his clients just "what they want to hear". Blake is straightforward with everything, and I feel he prides himself on maintaining an honest & transparent relationship with his clients.

Blake has gone above and beyond for myself and my father from day one. We are working with him again currently and he's displayed the same level of professionalism & efficiency that he provided during the first time we worked with him. I highly appreciate his amazing communication skills, rarely did I have to leave a message for him. but if I had to leave him a voicemail or send an e-mail he was very quick to respond.

I wouldn't hesitate to contact Blake immediately for any attorney needs that may come up from now on. I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal services.


Blake is a no-nonsense, commonsensical attorney. His methodology is systematic and keeps the entire process lean and efficient. I have used him both commercially and individually and have been satisfied with the outcomes. He is not afraid to tell you if something is not possible and have always appreciated his candor.


Blake is a wonderful, caring, diligent, passionate, friendly and awesome attorney I met in my life. He always looks out for us. He is never worried about his fee and always makes sure he is doing the right thing and giving the right advice for us. He is like my family and my brother.


If I have known Blake for many years, and he has been my only source for referring clients to, as well as using for my personal needs. Blake is responsive, caring, and communicative. At all times Blake serves his clients' needs above all else. I highly recommend Blake for anyone's legal advice and services!